Big Lessons in Small Matters

I was seated at a table at an eating place, waiting for my husband, when a little boy and his mom came and sat at the next table. Mom settled him in, then proceeded to queue at a food stall. I happened to look at him when something in his hand dropped onto the floor below his feet! He furtively looked in his mom’s direction to make sure she did not see it drop, quickly picked it up and licked it. It was a yummy-looking pork floss bun! And he licked the part that landed on the floor! I gestured to him, whispering, “No, it’s dirty! Don’t eat it!”

He got agitated with me and protested. He wanted to take a bite of his bun. I could see he wanted very much to enjoy it but I gestured again, “No, don’t eat it, it’s dirty!” By now he got angry with me. “Why are you trying to deprive me of eating my bun?” At that point, mom returned with food and I whispered to her why the bun was not fit for consumption. My little friend cried, complained about me and insisted on his bite of his dirty bun. Mom apologised to me, pacified him and put it aside.

We are like this child, aren’t we? When God does not give us what we long and ask for, we conclude He is depriving us. We doubt His goodness and wisdom, and get disappointed or angry with Him. But God promises that ‘no good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly’ (Psalm 84:11). When God withholds something from us, it is because having it is not a good thing for us or having it then is not His good timing for us. We may not fully understand but will we trust Him?

Soo Li (left) is one of the main editors for Reach. She also connects with churches as part of her work in SYFC