Big Lessons in Small Matters

Two wonderful things happened when I was a teen – I placed my faith in Christ and learned to play football.

Soon, soccer became the love of my life. It took first place. I was crazy over it. Rain or shine I’d be in the field every evening. Sometimes, even during a heavy downpour when only a couple of players would turn up, I would be there. I even read up on soccer so I could execute well techniques such as the bicycle-kick. Subsequently, an older brother-in-Christ discipled me. And as my faith grew, I realised that football was more important than God in my life. I was obsessed with it.

However, one day I met an attractive girl (who would become my wife eventually). She took my attention away from soccer. I became so engrossed with her rather than football. Slowly, the sport didn’t seem that desirable anymore. I was able to let it go. From this episode of my youthful passion for sports, I learnt that any obsession can be overcome by a something that is more desirable and worthwhile.

Yeo Guan Cheng (left, with wife) a retired missionary, volunteering with the ITE Ministry.

In the same way, as we spend time cultivating our relationship with Christ, our desire for Him becomes stronger. Then other loves in our lives become much lesser. So, the focus of our daily walk should be Christ – being enthralled by who He is and what He has done

As the words of the song go, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”