Big Lessons in Small Matters

The house next to mine was to be renovated. Three foreign workers were hacking the floor tiles for the second day. When I saw them at the lift, they were covered with cement powder. I passed them 3 cans of chilled ‘pineapple crush’ drinks. They smiled and thanked me. As they pushed the last load of crushed tiles away for the day, I was thinking what I could refresh them with the next day.

But they were not back again. I guess their job was done.

On another day, while my mother-in-law and I were having breakfast at our nearby coffeeshop, a young foreign employee was clearing the tables. He asked if he could clear a used plate on our table. We smiled at him and said he could. Then he said, “Ah Ma look like my grandmother.” I learnt from him that she is 83. He went back to his work and I remarked to my mother-in-law that he must miss his grandmother.

A few hours later, we took lunch there. I discreetly passed him two packets of biscuits saying, “Ah Ma give you.” Smiling broadly, he said, “For me? Wah!” Soon after, he came by our table, about to leave for his second job. I found out that Robin is from North India. He said, “Thank you Ah Ma. God bless you!” and went off. My mother-in-law replied, “God bless you too” but he did not hear her. I was sure his heart felt blessed as he walked off with the plastic bag of biscuits tied to his knapsack.

Since then, we have not seen Robin again.

I was glad that when I had the chance to extend a little kindness, I did it and did not wait for another day. May these men come to know God’s lovingkindness.

Soo Li (left) serves in the editoral team for Reach!