Big Lessons In Small Matters

When I first started my internship at SYFC, I remembered wondering how I would be able to interact meaningfully with youth during COVID-19. Much to my surprise, I found myself involved in numerous online events – a sensory Zoom quest for youth in an institutional home, a bubble tea heist, a pandemic virtual quest and even a young ladies conference. Participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were receptive to the gospel sharing at the end of the sessions. They warmed up easily and were comfortable since they were ‘hiding’ behind their screens.

Sharing the gospel via Zoom became more creative and engaging as I could use videos, PowerPoint slides and online game teaching tools. While online, I could spend more time talking with our youth.

I’ve always appreciated SYFC’s motto, “Geared to the times, anchored to the Rock”. I could see their intentional effort and dedication to stay relevant to youth, creating new and exciting events to engage them in a fun and meaningful way. They ensure the gospel reaches young people in the most accessible way.

I’m reminded of the Apostle Paul’s passion for the gospel as he wrote in Acts 20:24, “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”

Paul valued the gospel and made it his mission to preach it no matter whether he faced martyrdom or not. I discovered that SYFC workers share this same passion to spread the gospel to youth no matter what circumstance they are in, be it a pandemic or not. 

Christine, 24, works at Care Corner Singapore, and worships at Great Glory Church. After graduating from university, Christine spent the months of Aug to Sep 2020 with Youth Guidance Ministry as part of an internship programme.