The Amaze-ing Christmas Cube

We have developed this cube, a tool with an easy way to share the gospel through the Christmas story, for most ages. 

Built on a basic MAZE puzzle, 4 sides of the cube bring you through 4 different Christmas scenes. Take a look at the video below  for a sneak preview.

The Christmas Story in 4 Scenes!

A ball bearing in the cube is the moving part of a 6-sided maze. This maze when unlocked, opens a coin box. In going through the maze, players will see 4 scenes of the Christmas story. 

Mary and Joseph

In this scene, you are introduced to Mary and Joseph. 

Mary was pregnant with the Holy Child, Jesus. They were travelling back to Bethlehem for a census, and they had no place to stay. So they ended up in a manger, where Baby Jesus was born! 

Observing the design, the green cow hoofs around will actually point you to the right direction. 

The Shepherds

At this scene, you can talk about how the Angels appeared to the poor Shepherds in the fields. They brought news of the newborn King, and they went to worship Him. 

The little green sheep running around point to the path to go.

The Wise Men

The wise men appear. They followed a star, of royalty being born, and it led them to where the King was born. They brought royal gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh. 

Following the little green pots around would give you the next hint of direction.

King Herod

Lastly, King Herod heard from the wise men of the King who was born. He was afraid this King would take over his throne, and so planned to kill this baby. The wise men didn’t come back to tell him where the baby was, so he ordered all baby boys in that town, 2 years and below, to be killed.

Following the green soldiers helmets will show the path.

Isn’t it amazing? 
God sent us a Savior but a king rejected this Savior of the world! 

Our struggles through life are like our route in this maze. We get trapped in corners or take wrong paths. We try to get back on track but are left feeling frustrated or lost. However, the Christmas story points us to God’s solution for us through Jesus who was born to save us! 

Wow! This cube sounds Amaze-ing!

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