Geared To The Times, Anchored To The Rock


Geared To The Times,
Anchored To The Rock

In SYFC, we reach all the different kinds of youth for Jesus
(that’s why we are called Youth for Christ).
We hold strongly to the caption that if we don’t win their hearts today,
they’ll break our hearts tomorrow.
We also identify ourselves with the imageries of the gear and the anchor;
that is, we aregeared to the times and anchored to the rock.


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New Staff in SYFC!

Being a fresh graduate from university with a degree in Life Sciences as well as an active athlete, Shona wanted to do something that merges science and sports. One Sunday[…]

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Different faces, different hands but one heartbeat

Well, one of my greatest thanksgiving is working with our volunteers! Currently, we have 19 volunteers serving with us in different capacities. Some are involved in regular outreach while others[…]

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Big Lessons in Small Matters

Two wonderful things happened when I was a teen – I placed my faith in Christ and learned to play football. Soon, soccer became the love of my life. It[…]

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